I just want to say thank you very much for your help. When you knock on the door and find her with her sax hanging around her neck mid tute, Penny┬┤s passion will infect you and put your mind at ease that you have left your horn in the right hands. It is a special experience being able to meet face to face with the brains behind the repairs.

Penny has an extensive knowledge which diagnosed the problems on the spot and gave an accurate quote inline with her online pricings with affordable additions helping me to find some better parts.

My saxophone is working better than ever with this prompt service that is a very affordable price for all budgets and with flexibility for pick up time negotiations. Great for professionals and amateurs who want to pass their passion into reliable hands.

I will continue to pass on the good word.

Many thanks,

Juliet Mann (24 y/o)
Trevor J James and co blues alto saxophonist (13 years)