Instrument Repair and Restoration Specialist

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Working Order

The instrument is assessed and serviced to a good working order. This may include a few parts being replaced, re-regulation, minor mechanical adjustments, oil and clean.

Check Over

The instrument is stripped down. The body, keys and pads cleaned. Key corks, springs and leathers replaced where necessary.

The instrument is regulated adjusted and oiled before being returned to the customer.


The same as a check over but with all the pads replaced.


The instrument is stripped down, all pads, key corks & leathers replaced, and springs where necessary. The body, key work, rods and screws cleaned and polished. On wooden clarinets, bores are oiled, polished, and chips in tone holes repaired.

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Soldering will be done where applicable, and dents rectified on metal instruments.

(The latter has an additional cost)

This work is guaranteed 1 year from invoice date for any adjustments.